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Summer Fellowship Program in New York City:

The Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship is a transformative leadership program that combines innovative social activism with leadership development and Torah. The purpose of the Summer Fellowship is to train the next generation of Orthodox leaders with the skills necessary to change the world.  We also believe that social change is an intensely moral and spiritual endeavor; to change society you must first change yourself, wrote the Mussarist Rabbi Israel Salanter.  In addition to activism and trainings, seminars and reflective conversations by leading Orthodox thinkers during the Summer Fellowship focus on the religious dimensions of social change.

Fellows are selected from universities across the country for an intensive full-time Summer Fellowship, located at Uri L’Tzedek’s New York office.  Fellows devote their time to activism, leadership training, and social justice Torah seminars.


The main focus of the Summer Fellowship is working on the Tav HaYosher, Uri L’Tzedek’s ethical seal for kosher restaurants.  Fellows will expand the Tav HaYosher through advocacy, partnership building with restaurant owners, and creating innovative marketing strategies to promote the Tav HaYosher.  Through Tav HaYosher activism, fellows will learn grassroots activism and how to run a successful campaign.  Fellows will be able to engage in hands-on service opportunities over the course of the Fellowship.   Additionally, fellows will have the opportunity to work on additional Uri L’Tzedek projects such as combating domestic violence and reforming the American prison system.

Leadership Training:

Throughout the Summer Fellowship, fellows will participate in classes that focus on leadership growth.  Fellows will learn leadership theory and explore the components of Jewish and spiritual leadership.  Trainings will focus on developing key leaderships skills including community organizing, social media advocacy, op-ed writing skills, fundraising, and social entrepreneurship.

Social Justice Torah:

Fellows will have the opportunity to learn social justice Torah throughout the Fellowship.  Seminars led by leading Rabbis and thinkers in the Orthodox community will explore topics including the Obligation to Give, The Philosophy Animating Jewish Social Justice, Workers Rights in Chazel.  Fellows participate in daily personal reflection and conversation in order to internalize the meaning of activism.

Testimonials from Past Fellows:

Watch 2011 Summer Fellow Jason Strauss!

I have expanded my horizons and learned not to judge people from my first impressions, because while the people here are very different than myself, I have truly gotten to know everyone and love them so much and appreciate them for who they are….This fellowship has made me believe that I can make change, that I can do something. I never had that feeling before.


Being a part of the Uri L'Tzedek Fellowship was truly an empowering experience. The fellowship provided me simultaneously with a wide array of tools from different workshops and non-profit organizations as well as with the language of social justice Torah and real world experience of on-the-streets activism. I feel ready and able to enter the world at large--be it the non-profit world of social justice or Judaism or both or simply the world in which we all live--as a competent and inspired Torah-justice activist!

Signing a restaurant is a truly fulfilling experience….Signing a restaurant really spurs me on to continue. I know that I'm slowly making a difference in the way restaurant workers are treated and the way consumers relate to their food..



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