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Past2017-2018 Fellows

Program Fellows

Amos Fellows Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011

Amos Summer Fellows 2013, 2012 (NYC) (LA) (Israel), 2011, 2010, 2009

Uri L’Tzedek University Fellows 2009

2017-2018 Fellows

Eliana Worenklein

Eliana is from White Plains, NY and is currently a sophomore at Barnard College, Columbia University. She is very active in their Hillel where she is a co-president of Jewish Woman on Campus, the gabbai of Lalekhet (the partnership minyan on campus), and is a member of the Jewish Activist Collective, the Shabbat Meals Committee, and the Interfaith Club. She is focused on helping people who are experiencing homelessness and plans to bring a chapter of Midnight Run, a group that delivers food and clothing to those on the streets of New York City, to Columbia. Eliana also studies at the Drisha Institute of Jewish Education. She plans to pursue degrees in Jewish studies and psychology, and mathematics at Barnard.



Leah Rosenberg

Leah is a freshman at SUNY Empire State College. Although she has not yet decided on a major, she is considering sustainable architecture, law, and environmental science. Particularly passionate about feminism and the environment, Leah volunteers for JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance) and Sierra Club. She is a vegetarian for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. She enjoys reading the works of Rabbi Sacks and Rav Kook and is looking forward to learning more about the connection between Jewish values and social justice.



Program Fellows

Adina Lichtman


Adina Lichtman just completed her Social Work Masters at New York University. She is also the founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock, an initiative dedicated to collecting socks for those in need and committed to ending the stigma around homelessness. As Uri L’Tzedek program fellow, Adina will be focused on further developing her terrific initiative to address the homelessness crisis among other pressing social justice issues that Uri L’Tzedek addresses.

Amos Fellows Spring 2014

Noa Ben-Simon

Noa is from Chicago and graduated from Ida Crown Jewish Academy.  She spent one year learning in Jerusalem at Midreshet Lindenbaum and is now majoring in biology at Stern College for Women.  Noa has been involved in many different activities including Voices, a Jewish teen philanthropic group through the JUF in Chicago.  Noa is very interested in fitness, and is currently a licensed Zumba instructor.  She is pursuing a career as a physical therapist with a focus on fitness.  She enjoys helping others and is excited to do so through the Amos Fellowship.


Rikki Brukner

Rikki hails from Teaneck, NJ. She is currently a freshman in NYU’s Liberal Studies Program. She intends to major in Political Science with a minor in History. Rikki enjoys writing, spinning, and being involved with the community around her. She is currently secretary of [email protected], the orthodox community on campus, as well as on board of TorchPac, the on campus AIPAC initiative. After an incredible summer internship during the summer of 2011 with Judge Pickholz in the New York City Criminal Courts System, Rikki witnessed first hand justice being served. Due to her passion for carrying out justice and her need to help the Jewish community, Rikki is eager to participate in the Amos Fellowship.


Hadar Cohen

Hadar is a junior studying Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union. She is originally from Israel but moved to New Jersey at the age of 10. She enjoys reading philosophy and listening to music. I am passionate about learning Jewish values in order to create a more just world.


Moishi Eisenmann

Moishi a 19 year old, born and raised in Amsterdam, where he was a madrich and a board member of Bnei Akiva. In school he had the highest final grades in his school and the highest grade nationwide for social sciences.  In addition to his passion for social justice, he is a music composer and has a music production company.  We have produced several chart topping hits in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.  Before attending Yeshiva University, Moishi went to Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi for a gap year in Israel.


Gaby ElkaimGabriella Elkaim

Gabriella is a fourth year undergraduate student at Yeshiva University, expecting to graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in both Physics and Mathematics. Although she plans for a career path in research, she hopes to make volunteering a continued part of her life. She has previously volunteered for The Ark in Chicago and Keshet in Chicago, and is excited to learn more about the implementation of social justice values in the Orthodox community.

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Eli Goldberg

Eli is completing his Masters of Social Work at Long Island University.  He is currently interning at North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center in Westbury NY, in the Drugs and Alcohol division, and has been working with Project Extreme since summer 2012. Eli is an earnest fan of country music, and has completed the Monday New York Times Crossword in under 15 minutes.

Amos Fellows Fall 2014

Elana Betaharon

Stern College for Women

Yvette Deane

Queens College

Shoshana Halpern

Stern College for Women

Gabby Kirschner

Queens College

AMOS Fellows: Spring 2013

Daniel Atwood

Yeshiva University

Zoe Schein

Barnard College

Maddie Tavin

Stern College for Women

 Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2013

Daniel Altaras

Yeshiva University

Nathan Anderson

Louisiana State University

Zachary Anziska

Brandeis University

Michael Billet

Yeshiva University

Ariella Krentzman

Stern College for Women

Carmel Langer

Queens College

Eliot “Meir” Lichtenberg

Binghampton University

Hannah Lockspeiser

Barnard College

 AMOS Fellows: Fall 2012

Justin Goldstein

Yeshiva University

Carmel Langer

Queens College

Eric Lawrence

Columbia University/
Jewish Theological Seminary of America


Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2012: New York City

Miriam Darnowsky

Lander College for Women

Jonah Keyak

Chana Messinger

University of Chicago

Elizabeth Phillips

Northwestern University

Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2012: Los Angeles, CA

Yitzchak Blank

Meira Goodfriend

OTIS School of Art

Sarah Rogozen

Katharine Skupsky

American Jewish University

Rachel Sumekh


Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2012: Yeshivat Hamivtar, Israel

Avital Berger

Hannah Lopes

Lizzy Stoops

Hannah Waxman

Joel Weiner


AMOS Fellows: Fall 2011

Jordanna Birnbaum Amsel


Ethan Stein

Brandeis University

Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2011


Jonah Eidman

 Johns Hopkins University

Dahlia Herzog

Brandeis University

Rebecca Krevat

University of Mayland

Alexander “Akiva” Lichtenberg

 University of Maryland

Yael Malul

 Rutgers University

Kendra Meinhard

Barnard College

Tamar Schneck

Brandeis University

Jason Strauss

Columbia University

Gideon Weiler

Stanford University

Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2010

Tali Adler

Stern College for Women

Noa Albaum

 Brandeis University

Eta Feuerman

Lander College for Women

Kelila Kahane

Barnard College

Talia Kohen

 Cornell University

Benjamin Muller

Yeshiva University

Molly O’Glasser

University of Oregon

Noam Parness

 Queens College

Elianna Pollack

 Stern College for Women

Jesse Rabinowitz

University of Maryland

Erica Rothschild

University of Massachusetts

Emmanuel Sanders

 Yeshiva University

Eliyahu Winkler

 Yeshiva University


Uri L’Tzedek University Fellowship 2009


Bernie Hodkin

 Johns Hopkins University

Hody Nemes

Yale University

Jessica Youseffi

University of Southern California

Elissa Shevinsky

 Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business

Adam Moscoe

University of Ottawa

Sara Miriam Liben

Columbia University / Jewish Theological Seminary

Melissa (Mel) Stanger

 Sarah Lawrence College

Gavi Barnhard

Princeton University


Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship 2009

Shifra Steinmetz-Silber

Hadas (Dasi) Fruchter

Queens College

Shlomo Bolts

Columbia College

Josh Jerusalmi

 Brandeis University

Alana Tenzer

 University of Maryland

Morris Breitbart

Princeton University

Donna Iken

 Washington University

Alex Schraub

 Barnard College

Alex Luxenberg

Yeshiva University

Laura Berger

 Fordham University

Talia (Cottrell) Furleiter

 Yeshiva University