Anti-Racism Campaign Overview


Throughout 2020, Uri L’Tzedek, in partnership with Torat Chayim, will conduct a comprehensive and wide-ranging anti-bigotry campaign to combat latent racism among leaders and institutions in the Orthodox community. The campaign will have several phases which we will reveal more throughout the year. Phase 1 of the campaign is simply signing a pledge to never remain silent when observing racist behavior in the Orthodox community. Phase 2 will encompass eight webinars to learn about the extent of the problem, engage with peers, and learn best practices about how to address prejudice bubbling within our own communities.


Through education and action, we hope to make racism a thing of the past among Orthodox Jews in America!


You can sign the pledge here
For a list of the webinar presenters, see here
For recordings of our previous webinars, see here
For a list of resources to learn about and combat racism in the Orthodox community, see here

Rav Shmuly on Racism in 2020