Anti-Racism Campaign Webinar Presenters

Uri L’Tzedek Anti-Racism Campaign Webinar Presenters




Rabbi Shais Rishon
Kehillat Ir Chadash
Date: January 28th
Topic: “Is Racism a Problem in the Orthodox Community?
My Experience as an African American Rabbi”



Elad Nehorai
Torah Trumps Hate
Executive Director
Date: February 13th
Topic: “How to Combat Racism in the Orthodox Community in the age of Trump”


Rabbi Yonosan Perry

Date: March 16th
Topic: “Disciples of Aaron: Addressing racism through the lens of Halacha and Jewish tradition”



Rabbi David Jaffe
Founder and Principal
The Kirva Institute
Date: April 22nd
Topic: “Using Mussar as a Strategy to Engage in the Complexities of Racism”


Rabbi Micha Odenheimer
Tevel b’Tzedek
Date: May 27th
Topic: “Racism in the Global Age: Interactions between Jews and non-Jews in Developing Countries”



Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy
The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
Teacher and Director of the Social Justice Track
Date: June 24th
Topic: Unity and Uniformity in the Observant Israeli world–the Kesim, Rav Sharon Shalom and Rav Ovadia



Analucía Lopezrevoredo Faunder of Jewtina y Co.

Eddie Chavez Calderon Campaign Organizer of Uri L’Tzedek

Date: July 16th

Topic: Join Eddie Chavez Calderon of Uri L’Tzedek and Dr. Analucía Lopezrevodero of Jewtina y Co for an immersive program that will address challenges and innovations from within the Jewish-Latino community. In this program, we will learn about how to combat racism from society while also purging it from our communities.



 Lead by Ginna Green
Political Consultant and strategist
Date: August 19th

Topic: How can we be true allies for the black community both within the Jewish community and the general population? Bringing in Mussar and ethical leadership to help guide our own moral development.









Jordan Daniels
Communications Associate at Leichtag Foundation
Date: September 22nd
Topic: “How to create a welcoming space for JOC in Jewish events”



“Addressing our own implicit biases”

Private intimate ZOOM call collectively breaking down how to address one’s own implicit biases.

Date: October 27th








Nate Looney CEO of Westside Urban 

Gardens and Phoenix Farms

Date: November 16th



Ilana Kaufman
Jews of Color Field Building Initiative
Date: December 9th, 2020 1 PM EST
Topic: Discussion of the best anti-racism practices with Ilana Kaufman.

Other Teachers

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz
Founder and President
Uri L’Tzedek

Eddie Chavez Calderon
Campaign Organizer
Uri L’Tzedek

Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein
Rabbi-in Residence

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