J.J. Greenberg Torat Chayim ​Young Leadership Award

Torat Chayim is honored to introduce our inaugural award which will honor talented and promising young Jewish activist leaders between 18-24 in North America & Europe and 24-30 in Israel creating change in the progressive Orthodox world. With this award, Torat Chayim hopes to highlight the work of international young leaders who are making tangible differences in their community.

Award fellows will receive mentorship and leadership training from Torat Chayim’s robust and diverse rabbinical members, $1,000 in seed money towards fostering the awardees’ leadership work, along with recognition in the international Jewish community. Please note: Anyone can nominate an outstanding young leader, but a nominator cannot be a reference. Also, one may nominate across regions (i.e. someone living in Europe can nominate someone based in America, etc.).

The deadline for the application process April 1, 2019 at 5 PM EST.

Please use the form(s) below to apply or to nominate an outstanding young leader. Use the form below to nominate in English for North America/Europe selections.