Operation Abraham: Welcoming the Stranger!

Right now, a humanitarian crisis is escalating at America’s southern border. Every month, every week, every day, significant numbers of asylum seekers flee to the United States yearning to breathe free. These are families and children seeking a better life, free from violence, persecution, and death. This population has faced so much trauma and distress. Families leave everything behind. They say their last goodbyes to their homeland, family, friends, and way of life. Who knows when they would be reunited? But we do know that Uri L’Tzedek will welcome them in with open arms.


You may be asking yourself, what can I do to help?


Uri L’Tzedek is launching an interactive volunteer opportunity where you can come out to Phoenix, Arizona, as a group, and help asylum seekers.  Each volunteer group is just as important to helping the cause. As a volunteer you would:


  • Greet asylum seekers and help with their intake process
  • Cook and serve warm comfort food
  • Play and take care of small asylum-seeking children
  • Help families pick out new clothes from the clothing room
  • Assist with daily maintenance and upkeep around the center, including the local garden

As soon as you land in Phoenix, Arizona there will be transportation available ready to take you to our office or hotel. Once you have settled in, we will begin training. Training includes an introduction and etiquette to the Welcome Center. After training, you will be able to assist and befriend different asylum seekers from all over the world. From children to elders, you will hear about their journeys and life back home. While learning from other personal experiences, you will also be able to do Torah learning about our immigrant rights and related matters. You will continue to learn how Torah and social justice connections and why this type of work is so important and needed.


For more information on how your community can get involved, please email us at Info@Utzedek.org