Animal Welfare

Throughout the millennia, Jews have yearned to return to the Garden of Eden. The Creation story is not the story of the Jews, but of every creature that God found worthy to exist. By being compassionate to animals, we not only fulfill the mandate of the Torah, but we regain our humanity. In fact, the great sages of the Talmud consider mercy and compassion to be essential characteristics of being Jewish (BT Beitzah 32b). Choosing not to eat meat for ethical reasons has the power to imprint the values of mercy and compassion deep within our souls. From the lowliest microbe to the most complex being, all gain life from the same holy source.



What Is “Ethical” Kashrut?

The Integrity of Kosher America

Wrestling with Kashrut



Take Action!

  • Consider giving up meat and migrating towards a plant-based diet. If that is too much, consider giving up meat several days a week.
  • Support businesses with the Tav HaYosher Ethical Seal.
  • Donate to causes that protect animals from exploitation.


Get Involved! Contact one of these organizations to work on this issue more directly: