Organ Donations

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Organ donations are used to save thousands of lives each year in the United States alone. Each donor can save as many as eight lives. While there were more than 17,000 kidney transplants performed in the U.S. last year, about 8,000 people became too sick to receive one or died waiting for a transplant. Another 100,000 people ticked off another year on a waiting list, on which the average stay is about six years. As a community committed to the saving of lives we can have a massive impact on a huge number of lives if we choose to.



Rav Moshe’s Responsa to Organ Donation

Ethical Aspects of Organ Transplantation:


Take Action!

  • Invite a speaker from the Halachic Organ Donor Society to come start the conversation in your community, shul, JCC, school, or home by emailing or calling 212-213-5087.
  • Invite a speaker from Renewal to speak about living kidney donation.
  • Share sources and open up discussion with your community about this issue.
  • You can also register to be a donor.


Get Involved! Contact one of these organizations to work on this issue more directly