Social Justice Articles


Topic Title Author Format
Activism Social Activism Rabbi Haskel Lookstein Article
Charity Are There Any Jews in Ghana? Hierarchies of Obligation and the Jewish Community Rabbi Alex Kaye Article
Charity The Ninth Level – Tzedek not just Tzedakah Rachel Rosenthal Article
Charity Creating Youth Tzedakah Foundation Rabbi Mike Schultz Article
Child Abuse Why Don’t Girls Say No? Dr. Michelle Friedman Article
Civil Rights Civil Rights and the Dignity of Man Rav Ahron Soloveitchik Article
Community Organizing Faith Based Community Organizing: A New Concept for Orthodox Shuls Rabbi Mike Schultz Article
Depression Dimensions – A Young Man’s Story of Torment: Surviving Depression Rabbi Nati Helfgot Article
Divorce Divorce and the Jewish Community Rabbi Menachem Rosenfeld Article
Economy Pikuach Nefesh and the Economic Crisis Rabbi Simcha Cohen Article
Education Creative Responses to Educational Challenges Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Education Writing as Spiritual Practice Merle Feld Article
Ethical Consumption Glatt Kosher is Yosher Rabbi Yosef Breuer Article
Ethics Violence, Ethics, and Divine Honor in Modern Jewish Thought Professor Don Seeman Article
Ethics In Lakewood, Sometimes Corruption And Greed Get In The Way Of The Torah Rabbi Mike Moskowitz  Article
Fair Trade Jewish Guide to Fair Trade Board of Deputies of British Jews Article
Finance The Financial Crisis: What Would the Talmud Do? David Van Beima Article
General Social Justice Ma’aglei Tzedek Journal Ma’aglei Tzedek Articles
General Social Justice The Exodus as the Foundational Paradigm for Social Justice Rabbi Ben Greenberg Article
General Social Justice A Respondsum of Questions of Conscience Boston Beit Din Article
General Social Justice Dr. David Berger Article
General Social Justice Honoring the Divine as Virtue and Practice in Maimonides Professor Don Seeman Article
General Social Justice Martyrdom, Emotion and the Work of Ritual Professor Don Seeman Article
General Social Justice Courage and Risk Rabbi Nathan Cardozo Article
General Social Justice Bringing Dr. King into the Beit Midrash Rabbi Yehuda Mirsky Article
General Social Justice MLK and the Exodus Narrative Rabbi Saul Berman Article
General Social Justice Jewish Values in a Changing World
Part 1, 2, 3
Rabbi Yehuda Amital Article
General Social Justice A Conceptual Understanding of the Mitsvah of Tsedakah and its Relevance to the Modern Social Justice Movement Rabbi David Fried Article
Genocide Genocide in the Torah: The Existential Threat of Amalek Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Globalization A Jewish Response to Globalization Rabbi Micha Odenheimer Article
Holocaust Official Secrets Richard Breitman Article
Holocaust World Reaction to the Shoach Uri L’Tzedek Articles
Homeless Encountering the Homeless Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block Article
Humanism The Forgotten Humanism of Rabbi Samsom Raphael Hirsch Rabbi Mayer Schiller Article
Medical Ethics Jewish Medical Ethics: Monetary Compensation for Donating Kidneys Dr. Grazi Wolowlesky Article
Poverty Pesach, Japan and the Global Village Rabbi Francis Nassaf Article
Poverty Widow and Orphan Rabbi Yehuda Mirsky Article in Hebrew
Poverty Class Divide Rabbi Yehuda Mirksy Article
Prison Reform Milim Havivin Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Protest Poetry as Protest 1
Poetry as Protest 2
Uri L’Tzedek Poems and workshop
Psychology The Problem of Desire: Psychoanalysis as a Jewish Wisdon Tradition Seth Aronson Article
Slavery Lifnim Misharut Hadin 1 and 2 Rabbi Saul Berman Article
Spirituality The Supernatural, Social Justice and Spirituality Gilah Kletenik Article
Spirituality Humanism and Judaism Dr. Mendel Hirsch Article
Spirituality Prophetic Voices Rabbi Shmuly Yanlowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #1: Achrayut Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #2: Anivut Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #3: Savlanut Vs Zrizut Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #4: Messianic Yearning Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #5: Pursuit of God In Justice Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #6: Actualizing One’s Potential Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Spirituality Middah #7: Activisms of Love and Hate Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Article
Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam: Basic Questions and Policy Directions Rabbi Dr. Yehudah Mirsky Article
Tolerance No Two Minds Are Alike: Tolerance and Pluralism Gil Perl Article
Tolerance One Straight, White, Cis-gender Rabbi’s Role as an LGBTQ Ally  Rabbi Mike Moskowitz  Article
Workers’ Rights Jewish Ethics of Employee Treament and Communal Responsibility Rabbi Dani Passow Article
Workers’ Rights Judaism and a Social Justice Ethic Rabbi Yamin Levy Article