Business Ethics


Just Balances, Just Weights: Essays on Jewish Business Ethics in a Modern World


Uri L’Tzedek launched a Business Ethics campaign to raise the literacy in the Orthodox community on the halacha related to business ethics and to bring the inspiration of our Torah and traditional learning on business ethics to commercial dealings. The Orthodox community has not achieved literacy in these concepts comparable to its knowledge of Shabbat observance or kashrut.


Uri L’Tzedek believes that literacy is essential to improving business ethics for society at large. Thus, the campaign will foster a deeper understanding of the Jewish principles underlying optimal business behavior, as applied to real-world contemporary business challenges. The campaign employs two vectors to achieve its goals: educational programming and media communications, with the possibility for calls to action, as needed.


This Business Ethics Supplement focuses on halachic concepts with relevance to the business world – such as geneivah (theft), ona’ah (monetary deception), geneivat da’at (deception), tzedakah (charity), bal tashchit (waste), lifney iver (stumbling blocks), and dina d’malchuta dina (law of the land).


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