Chanukah Reader

Bringing Forth Light in a Dark World: An Uri L’Tzedek Chanukah Reader

Chanukah, in the modern American context, is often understood as nothing more than an alternative for Jews who feel left out by the dominance of Christmas. By succumbing to the allure of inclusion and gifts, the eternal spirit of Chanukah has been usurped by secular materialism and the quest for unsustainable acquisition. While the need to purchase vast amounts of presents has been tolerated as an excuse to tell children and families that they don’t need to feel divested from holiday cheer, there is something unseemly about the celebration of a human rights victory being supplanted by the short-term satisfaction that ephemeral gifts provide.

In this powerful compilation of essays from today’s leading Modern Orthodox minds, Uri L’Tzedek provides readers a window into a new contemporary understanding of Chanukah that is not about presents or materialism, but about the need to actualize justice by spreading light to the world. An inspirational and timely volume, BRINGING FORTH LIGHT IN A DARK WORLD, will have readers re-thinking how they can give back during Chanukah in ways that heal and unite our divided society.

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