Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship FAQs

Q: Can I apply even though I do not consider myself Orthodox?


A: Jews of any denomination (or of no denomination) are welcome to apply regardless of your Jewish affiliation. However, you will be seen as representatives of the Orthodox community and it is important to bear that in mind should you be accepted to the fellowship.


Q: Will food, transportation, and housing be covered by the program?


A: No. Upon the successful completion of the program, each fellow will receive a $1,000 stipend to cover the cost of living.


Q: Who should my references be?


A: References could be any non-family member who has worked with you for a significant amount of time. Some frequent recommenders could be a former professor, coach, employer, or youth group advisor. At least one of your recommenders should be someone from the Jewish community.


Q: My schedule is crazy and I might not have time to fill out the form to submit my resume and get three letters of recommendation. Do I have to submit everything


A: Incomplete recommendations will not be considered.


Q: What will my hours look like for the fellowship?


A: The fellowship will take place from 9 AM to 6 PM with a 1-hour lunch break at 1 PM. There will be occasional evening programming with other organizations.


Q: Will religious services constitute part of the program?


A: Religious services will not be part of the program. However, the synagogue housing us, West Side Jewish Center, will have morning services (Shacharit) at 8 AM and afternoon services (Mincha) at 1:40 for all those who are interested.


Q: What will a normal day look like on the program?


A: While we are currently in the process of planning the specifics, it looks like the morning will be made up of teaching sessions from activists and spiritual leaders throughout the tri-state area. The afternoon will be more social justice-focused with fellows engaging in a variety of different projects including running compliance checks for Tav HaYosher, our ethical kashrut certification, joining general protests and rallies, and working with non-profits doing a variety of social justice initiatives. We intend to host a Shabbaton to bond together and discuss Orthodox Social Justice in further depth.


Q: I am over 18 but not yet in college. Can I still apply?


A: You are more than welcome to apply. However, many of the issues discussed throughout the program will deal specifically with activism on a college campus so it might be a little bit more difficult for you to engage in the discussion.


Q: I am not from the tri-state area. How can I find housing?


A: There are multiple Facebook groups for housing in New York such as YU marketplace. We highly recommend that you use those resources. In addition, I will send an introduction email to the group so that you can see who will be in your cohort and work out housing with others in similar situations. 



If you have any more questions or concerns regarding the fellowship, please don’t hesitate to email Uri L’Tzedek’s programming officer at dani@utzedek.org.