Let My People Stay

Let My People Stay: Jewish Rally in Solidarity with Dreamers
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Facebook event here

Notes for tomorrow:

Social Media: Here’s a social media guide! Feel free to use the sample tweets or facebook posts to help amplify the action. We’ll be bringing printouts and sharing it on the facebook event too so individuals have it.

Livestream: We’ll be livestreaming the event from Bend the Arc Jewish Action’s facebook page, starting probably around 8:15. If your org facebook pages can share the livestream it will help us make sure as many people as possible see our action.

Songs: Here’s the song sheet for tomorrow. We’ll share it in the facebook event so people can familiarize themselves in advance if they want and we’ll bring printouts tomorrow.

Weather: It looks like there may be some snow tomorrow morning! This event is on snow or shine, so please allow for extra travel time in the AM if you need.

Turnout: Especially with tomorrow’s weather forecast, all of our efforts to bring out our members are really important so we have a good sized crowd tomorrow. The larger the crowd, the louder our message that Jews demand a clean Dream Act now.

Please help do a final turnout push by emailing or texting your members who are planning to come, resharing the event on facebook and tagging folks, and anything else to remind folks about the event!