Tav haYosher

What is the Tav?


Launched by Uri L’Tzedek, the Tav HaYosher is a local, grassroots, and complimentary initiative that brings workers, restaurant owners, and community members together to create just workplaces in kosher restaurants.


Thousands of workers are paid below minimum wage. Even more are denied their legal rights to overtime pay and time off. Workers are often subjected to unsafe and abusive working conditions.


There are three standards that a restaurant must meet to qualify for the Tav HaYosher:

The right to fair pay.

The right to fair time.

The right to a safe work environment



It is critical we stand up for tzedek and
mishpat as a Jewish community!



The Tav HaYosher Ethical Seal is free for restaurants that comply with our criteria. We do not replace traditional kosher certification, but instead, support consumers by ensuring labor transparency so that patrons know that they are dining in an establishment that respects the dignity of its staff.

Do You Support the Tav HaYosher? Check out our video to learn more!


How to get involved:


Further Readings:

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Let’s work together to get your favorite restaurant, caterer, butcher, or grocer to join the Tav HaYosher! Let them know that you care about the dignity and rights of those who produce your food in addition to the kashrut. Tell your local eating establishment that you support the Tav HaYosher and encourage them to sign on to this important initiative!