Get Involved with the Tav!

How to get involved with the Tav haYosher:


There are many ways you can get involved with Tav HaYosher!


1. Become a Tav HaYosher Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to be partnership builders and compliance officers. Partnership builders meet with restaurant owners to encourage them to sign on to the Tav HaYosher. Partnership builders visit restaurants, sign them on using the Tav HaYosher license agreement, and complete the initial verification. Compliance Officers are assigned 1 to 3 Tav HaYosher certified restaurants, which they visit periodically to interview workers about their hours, pay, work environment, and other important legal and ethical concerns. These one-on-one interviews allow the compliance officers to develop trusting relationships with workers and demonstrate that their well-being is important to the Jewish community. To become a volunteer, you must participate in a 1 hour training at your convenience and a shadow visit with an experienced volunteer. Contact us at for more info!


2. Advocate.

Pick up the phone and call your local kosher restaurant. Ask for the owner or manager, and in a supportive, encouraging way, let them know you would like for them to carry the Tav. This method of consumer activism has been very effective. Use this sample script to encourage eating establishment owners to join the Tav HaYosher. Use this script to thank owners who already participate in this important initiative.


3. Educate.

Tell your shul, school, friends, relatives, whoever about the Tav! Give a drasha, write a blog post, send an email, help us get the message out! Contact us at for more info!


4. Donate.

We do not charge restaurants for the Tav. That means we rely on donors like you to keep this work sustainable.

Suggested Donations for the Tav HaYosher Initiative:

$36 – Provide complete training and materials for one new compliance officer

$72 – Produce printed Tav HaYosher materials for distribution

$180 – Sponsor an educational event at a school, synagogue or Hillel

$360 – Empower Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellows by providing Tav HaYosher training to a cohort
For more information, please send an e-mail to: