Uri L’Tzedek’s D’var Torah series

Uri L’Tzedek’s D’var Torah and webinar series

Rabbi Uri Topoloski – You don’t have to be Wrong in order for me to be Right


Rabbi Micha Odenheimer – A Judaic critique of neo-liberal globalization

Halachic decision-making in modern times with Rabbi Avi Herzog

 How Jewish Wisdom Can Transform Capitalism – With Professor David Weitzner

 Rohingya Victims of Genocide – With Rabbi Ari Hart

Rev. William J. Barber, II in conversation with Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz!

Your History, Your Narrative: Community Organizing Through Story & Art

Police Accountability with Rabbi David Polsky!

Fixing our Broken Parole system with Donna Hylton and Zachary Katznelson


Police Brutality & Torah with Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein!

Mussar & Torah-Rooted Justice Work with Rabbi Dr. Mel Gottlieb!

Welcoming the Stranger – with Beth Strano from the International Rescue Committee!

Can a Just Society have the Death Penalty?

Uri L’Tzedek Tzedek webinars – Amplifying the Voices of Farm Workers

Jewish-Native Dialogue “Poems&Faith” with Sareya Taylor

Sensible Ethics: Exploring basic Medical Protocol during The Pandemic

Understanding White Supremacy & Extremism in America Today with ADL’s Aryeh Tuchman

Wages & Worker Rights with Jack Newhouse

Uri L’Tzedek’s Jewish & Native American dialogue “What does tradition and ritual mean to me”

Uri L’Tzedek’s Jewish & Native American dialogue “How hope and resiliency keep our people going”


Uri L’Tzedek webinar series – Police Accountability & Faith Leadership

 Uri L’Tzedek webinar series – What is the Jewish response to hunger and poverty?

 Prison Reform: Torah & Tales from a Prison Chaplain with Rabbi Gabriel Kretzmer Seed.

 Torah teaching – What The Jewish People Can Do For Climate Justice!

Uri L’Tzedeks learning webinar series – Addressing atrocities against the Uighurs. What can we do?!

Uri L’Tzedek’s D’var Torah series with Rabbi David Rosen – “Implications of the Divine Image”

Uri L’Tzedek’s D’var Torah series with Rabbi Jeremy Rosen – “Going Beyond the letter of the Law.”

Uri L’Tzedeks Dvar Torah series featuring – הרב יובל שרלו Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Uri L’Tzedek Dvar Torah Talks – Rabbi Dr. Marc Angel on Orthodox Judaism and Social Justice