Uri L′Tezedek

Uri L'Tzedek is an Orthodox social justice organization guided by Torah values and dedicated to combating suffering and oppression.  Through community based education, leadership development and action, Uri L'Tzedek creates discourse, inspires leaders, and empowers the Jewish community towards creating a more just world.

The Three Pillars of Uri L'Tzedek

We utilize a three pronged strategy in our mission to create a more just world. It consists of Education, Leadership Development, and Action.

One: Education

Since our launch, Uri L’Tzedek has positioned itself as a thought leader in the Jewish community.  Our bi-monthly Social Justice Beit Midrash Program convenes Jewish educators, scholars, and cutting-edge activists to create a new hermeneutic that integrates traditional textual study and contemporary social needs.

We have addressed the following topics (among many others):

Uri L’Tzedek is currently publishing a series of social justice holiday supplements that tie Jewish wisdom into the rhythm of the Jewish calendar year. The series was launched in Spring 2011 with the Uri L'Tzedek Food & Justice Haggadah Supplement to add a social justice element to the seder and Mah Ani: Self Reflection and Social Action for the High Holidays. Our most recent publication is VeNahafochu: Making Your Way Through an Upside Down World for the holiday of Purim.

Two: Leadership Development

Uri L’Tzedek has created different fellowships that train emerging adults with the skills necessary to become community organizers, social entrepreneurs, and change-agents. The Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship, is a transformative leadership program that combines innovative social activism with leadership development and Torah, while the semester long Amos Fellowship is a unique opportunity to take leadership roles in social justice campaigns.

Three: Action

The Tav HaYosher, Uri L’Tzedek’s ethical seal for kosher restaurants, weaves advocacy for worker rights with kashrut in a manner that creates a new paradigm for ethical living, empowers lay leaders to become social justice advocates, and initiates dialogue about the effects of conspicuous consumption, globalization, and community in the Jewish public sphere.

Uri L’Tzedek’s leadership has lead a community-wide advocacy campaign behalf of workers exploited and unjustly fired by Satmar owned Flaum's Appetizing has created immense pressure for their management to agree to an equitable agreement.







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